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2018-03-28 | The decisions of the Ombudsman could not be appealed to Lithuanian Administrative Disputes Commission

Lithuanian Administrative Disputes Commission, after examining the applicant’s complaint regarding the cancellation of the decision of the Ombudsman for Academic Ethics and Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania Vigilijus Sadauskas, in 2nd March 2018 decision (No. 3R-97 (AG-52 / 06-2018)), found that decisions made by the Academic Ethics and Procedures Ombudsman could be appealed the court in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, that is to say, the complaint must be submitted directly to the court and not to the Administrative Disputes Commission

Having assessed the legal regulation, the Administrative Disputes Commission concludes that appeals against decisions of the Ombudsman are not attributable to the jurisdiction of the Administrative Disputes Commission, and the complaint may be filed directly with the court.